Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who’s Calling Whom Unpatriotic?

Remember back in the dark days of the Bush Administration when liberals were afraid to sleep at night because jackbooted thugs were readying to break down their doors and arrest them for speaking their mind? When printing presses were smashed and internet servers disabled merely for carrying criticism of the then-incumbent president?

When it took great courage for a left-winger to walk down the streets or across a university campus lest he face an angry right-wing mob hurling insults and questioning his patriotism?

To state it plainly: Bush and Cheney *never* called anyone “unpatriotic”.

If you lefties remember it differently, then post in this thread direct, authentic quotes from Bush or Cheney that employed “unpatriotic”. With links.

What I remember is Bush and Cheney saying, both with respect and with good reason, things roughly like “I question my opponent’s position – not his patriotism.”

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